A ‘tiny house’ that
grows with you.

A tiny house is more than just a social movement. It’s your home. A secure space to form lifelong memories. A space that exudes simplicity and sophistication, without unnecessary emptiness. Be closer to the ones we love, in a home that works for you. FormFlow Living’s modular designs provide the flexibility to develop your tiny home as your family grows. Add a room. Move the structure. Demount the whole thing. Live simpler, be happier.

Your Space, Your Sanctuary

FormFlow offers a multitude of high-end, small space solutions. Increase your living space, establish an investment property, create your sanctuary with FormFlow.

Living Space/ backyard retreat

Expand your living space and your quality of living. FormFlow allows you to add an extra bedroom, a private area to call your own, a sophisticated backyard retreat, all while adding to the value of your property.

The new “Granny Flat”

Thoughtful, self-contained, contemporary living spaces that are both functional and architecturally stunning. For the independent teenager, or for those needing extra care while maintaining their privacy. The “granny flat” has never looked so good.

Home Office

Eloquent prefab studios to give you the dedicated workspace you and your business need to thrive. Save on rent while still getting out of the home. FormFlow adapts and grows with your needs, creating a perfect work / life balance.

Rental Investment Space

Adding space and value to your home has never been simpler. FormFlow Living enables you to establish a boutique, short-term accommodation or rental space to generate ongoing, passive income. Get the most out of your home.

Our Spaces. Shaped By You.

We listened to our customers’ needs on our mission to develop functional living solutions that are also aesthetically remarkable spaces. FormFlow Living offers a range of design options to suit your unique requirements.

Lana’s Space

Lana was first enticed by the technology FormFlow utilises – the unique ability to bend COLORBOND® steel ninety degrees to create modern form lines for incredible impact. She decided a contemporary, 3.6 x 3.6m studio space with internal cladding was ideal to launch her small business. Lana could now work from home – free from distraction – while saving a small fortune on rent.

Jordan’s Space

Jordan heard about Lana’s new space and thought about how this could be applied to a growing family. Jordan was inspired by the Danish cabin look to create an extra bedroom. With its energy saving potential, FormFlow’s 3.6 x 4.8m module was a logical choice for the additional space to improve quality of life at home.

Ed’s Space

Elegant simplicity. This is how Ed describes his FormFlow unit. With an expanded front aspect and ensuite facilities, Ed was able to give his teenage son the privacy he sought, while keeping him close to home. An added advantage is that the structure is entirely demountable. Ed can now remove or relocate his unit as he sees fit.

Andy’s Space

Andy was nearing retirement and searching for an investment opportunity to fund future travel plans. He had spare land on his property, and decided to install a luxuriously designed one-bedroom studio, as a short-term accommodation to drive income. Featuring elevated ceilings, classy finishes, and integrated deck, Andy’s stunning space is generating 5-star reviews.

Joe’s Space

Joe wanted somewhere to live simpler. Downsizing to a ‘tiny home’ had been on his mind for a while, but only became viable with FormFlow Living. He knew that he could be comfortable in the light-filled space without feeling confined. He also loved the idea of his home being completely flexible with the ability to move it when his plans changed.

Sally’s Space

Sally understands and appreciates remarkable design. The vision was to develop a space that incorporated FormFlow’s sixty-degree bend technology to deliver a strikingly contemporary structure that is practical for the user. Sally’s space is a modular prefab unit giving it sizing flexibility, complete with combined living area and bed, a bathroom and kitchen.

Our promise

Great designs that exude sophistication, class, and comfort. We’re on a continuous journey to combine high-end features in flexible, efficient structures to solve problems and improve living. Where space is becoming increasingly limited in contemporary society, our FormFlow bend technology acts as an architecturally stunning solution.

  • Great design options to suit your style
  • Superb quality finishes
  • Transparent pricing
  • Options for all situations
  • FormFlow bend technology
  • Eco-friendly + energy efficient

Eco-friendly construction

  • We have used passive designs that enhance the low cost of ongoing usage.
  • We use materials that are recyclable or reusable.
  • Our spaces can achieve a 7-star energy rating. If our clients chose to include a solar panel array, an 8-star energy rating is achievable.

Our customers

What YOU are saying about US.

“FormFlow have been a pleasure to work with, our building is well designed to take advantage of the technology which makes our small space very efficient and perfectly sealed from the elements.”

Ashley Denmead

“Living on a rural property I needed a building that was robust, fitted in with the bush surround and as safe as possible if we were faced with a fire.
The FormFlow studio sits beautifully in the landscape with a design that eliminates all the typical ember attack sites. The delivery process was faultless and the new building was in place and ready to occupy within hours. We are very happy with the outcome.”

Drysdale, VIC

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