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About FormFlow

FormFlow is based in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. The company was established in 2016 to commercialise a world first metal forming process that has now been used to create a unique range of products for the building industry.

We have expanded our technology and product range to include production and prefabricated building systems that complement the bend.

This has allowed us to rapidly expand into the development and manufacturing of both commercial and residential modular buildings at our Seabright Street facility in North Shore, Victoria.

Our highly capable team has strong links to Deakin University and our other development partners.

Our engineers, architectural designers, project managers, administrators, production staff and tradespeople can take a project from initial concept stage right through to completion.

We believe in collaborating with leaders and experts external to the company to bring outstanding products to the market.

We use Sociocracy, a system of dynamic governance to create an environment where organisational effectiveness, equivalence/equality and consent decision making are fundamental guiding principles of the way we work.

In 2019, we licensed our foundation technology, the C90 bend, to BlueScope Steel in Australia and now have the opportunity to scale this, and our rapidly expanding portfolio of new technologies both nationally and internationally.

The relationship we have with BlueScope Steel has been extremely important in the development of our highly efficient, steel based modular building system. The result is a flexible and responsive supply chain capable of ramping up the production of new concepts rapidly.

In 2016, FormFlow founder Dr Matt Dingle approached Geelong based engineering company Austeng for assistance to develop a prototype machine to validate a new bending concept. Following successful preliminary trials in September 2016, FormFlow Pty Ltd was born.

Dr Matthias Weiss from Deakin University joined Austeng’s Ross and Lyn George and Dr Matt Dingle as co-founders of the new venture. Over the next six months FormFlow and Austeng collaborated on developing an industrial scale machine to bend commercial grade corrugated sheets.

The science of our work is based on research by the late JP (Jim) Duncan of the University of British Columbia and his cousin, JL (John) Duncan then of McMaster University, Canada, and later The University of Auckland, NZ. They discovered the mathematical theorems of folding ‘inextensional’ curved sheet.

‘Inextensional’ is a geometric term meaning that the sheet cannot stretch or shear, and deformation is limited to a sharp bend. Such folding has been practised for many years in the art of origami. Identifying the mathematical rules governing it permitted the design of these shapes in a computer-aided design system. Because the sheet is not stretched, high strength, low elongation sheet such as roofing steel can be shaped in this way.

Our vision is a world where everyone has a bright future and a home they love

Why do we exist?

We innovate, refine and scale smart building solutions that benefit
the environment, society and future generations.

How do we work

  • We strive to understand an idea and the need it addresses from every perspective in the most fundamental way before we design a solution
  • We build a team with the skills and capabilities needed to transform the idea into a reality
  • We create a working environment and culture that will foster creativity, effectiveness and enjoyment
  • We constantly challenge what we do and how we do it to find ways to improve and develop
  • We embrace diversity of ideas, technologies, culture, gender and race
  • We share the benefits equally between the market, our people and our investors
  • We balance our resource allocation between societal, commercial and R&D activities

What do we do?

  • We develop technologies focused on;
    • Providing shelter/addressing Australia`s housing affordability/bushfire crisis.
    • Addressing climate change by reducing the carbon footprint of future homes (during the build and the lifetime of a house)
    • Reduction of waste by the application of industry 4.0, lean manufacturing principles and prefabrication.
    • Reduction of waste and carbon footprint via modular design for reuse and the application of recycled/recyclable materials – circular economy.
  • We adopt scale up strategies designed to maximise the social impact of our work and support the ongoing development of new ideas at FormFlow. These may include
    • Licensing to 3rd parties
    • Manufacturing in partnership with existing companies

Meet the FormFlow team

Matt Dingle
Matt Dingle Managing Director
Matthias Weiss
Matthias Weiss R&D Director
Nick Bernard
Nick Bernard Sales Director & CFO
Belinda Lee
Belinda Lee Office Manager
Anthony Lococo
Anthony Lococo Site Manager
Sameer Hooda
Sameer Hooda Estimating & Procurement
Paul Zivcic
Paul Zivcic Visual Impact Developer
Scott Craven
Scott Craven CAD Research Engineer
Marcus Decker Research Engineer
Joel Burch Production Operator
Piotr Karpa Production Operator
Sandeep Karki Production Operator
Ross George
Ross George Engineering Advisor
Lyn George
Lyn George Commercial Director

Our trusted partners

We are proud to partner with forward-thinking people who share our vision and values.
Together we can deliver innovative solutions that provide positive social and environmental change within the community.

Partner with FormFlow

We adopt scale-up strategies designed to maximise the social impact of our work and support the ongoing development of new ideas at FormFlow. 

To do this we partner with companies and license our products to third parties. 

If you are interested in collaborating with us then please get in contact. 

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