The FormFlow continuous corner

The maximum length of FormFlow`s C90/60 bends is limited to one standard width of Colorbond strip. Current R&D activities at FormFlow are aimed at developing a new forming technology to produce FormFlow`s corner products in infinite length. This will reduce installation complexity and will give a new and visually pleasing building appearance.   

The FormFlow Structural Panel

FormFlow has recently patented a new structural panel design that reduces internal framing requirements and simplifies building prefabrication to reduce material usage and costs.  The panel consists of two corrugated sheets separated by internal support channels manufactured with FormFlow`s world-first C90 bending technology.  The resulting airgap between the sheets provides thermal insulation and can be …

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The FormFlow building system 2.0

FormFlow`s Building System 2 combines fully modular construction of floor, roof and walls with new solutions for building assembly to enable upcycling, relocation and adaptation of living space depending on changing occupant needs. This will ensure that FormFlow building systems can stay in continuous circulation to minimize environmental impact.

The FormFlow building system 1.0

FormFlow`s Building System 1 combines industry 4.0 manufacturing methods with building prefabrication. The approach is based on automotive production principles. It integrates a Computer Aided building Design (CAD) and standardised building components and systems into a semi-automated building pre-fab assembly line. This reduces waste end enables faster building construction with higher quality than conventional on-site …

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Quality management and process optimization

FormFlow is continuously developing new processes and forming solutions.  This requires a fundamental understanding of the interplay between forming mechanics, material parameters and the forming tool.  To achieve this, FormFlow combines in-house prototyping trials with Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and advanced computer models of material behavior and forming processes.

Force/Process Monitoring – The FormFlow industry 4.0 manufacturing cell concept

FormFlow has developed a new machine concept for it`s C90 product. Carefully calibrated electric motors allow forming forces to be monitored continuously during the forming cycle. Special software has been developed to identify changes in incoming material and product quality. Combined with continuous shape measurement it is now possible to perform in-line forming process adjustment …

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Shape Monitoring – The FormFlow 2D profile scanner

FormFlow`s new 2D profile scanner combines a high-resolution laser with user-friendly evaluation software to monitor the shape of roll formed building product profiles before and after they are manufactured into FormFlow products or integrated into FormFlow`s building systems. The system can be integrated into a specific manufacturing facility to monitor shape at a push of …

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