Frequently Asked Questions

How much do FormFlow products cost?

Cost depends on your project and what you need to complete the job. Contact us when you have a project in mind and we will help you choose the right product and provide you with a quote.

Can you form bends at different angles?

At this stage, we are forming 90o bends. We will expand our range of angles in the coming months. If you have a specific angle in mind for your project, please contact us.

What materials can you form?

We are currently forming COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel and galvanised corrugated sheets in both soft and hard steels – G300 and G550. We can bend almost any metal. If you can make a corrugated sheet from it, we can bend it.

Are there limitations to the thickness of metal you can form?

Our tooling is designed to form up to 0.7mm and we can increase this range as needed.

How long can the bent piece be?

Our initial machine can make a bend in a sheet of any length – the length of the actual bend leg will be 190mm or less. With our next machine, we will be able to increase the bend leg length.

Can you bend any corrugated profile?

With the correct tooling design, we can bend most corrugated profiles. There are some limits, so please contact us for more specific details.

Will FormFlow products be available in other parts of the country or will you need to ship product?

Currently, we are producing the product from our facility in Geelong, Victoria. We plan to expand our distribution channels around Australia in future.

How many bends can you make in one sheet?

The number of bends in one sheet is limited only by the sheet length. To ask about a specific profile using multiple bends please contact us.

Does the process affect the coating?

No. Accelerated weathering tests performed at Deakin University confirm this.

Does the process damage the metal?

No. Microscopic examination of sections of metal after bending have determined there is no damage.