Future Food System

“Imagine solving the worlds biggest problems by simply changing the way we live – Joost Bakker”

Recently, FormFlow has worked with with Joost Bakker’s Future Food System at Federation Square to change the way we live. The collaboration between FormFlow and Lysaght has resulted in the combination of innovative materials to be used in the system build to create the Future Food System.

Joost Bakker is currently a pioneer of sustainability in Australia and his latest project, The Future Food System focused on solving the world’s biggest problems by changing the way we live. A self-sustaining, zero-waste, productive house, The Future Food System has been created to be an ecosystem that provides shelter, energy and nourishment for its inhabitants.

This project aligns with our passion for responding to current environmental and social issues as well as producing eco-friendly and sustainable creations that stem to change the way others live. The use of our exterior cladding in conjunction with Lysaght’s Customflow product allowed for the creation of the innovative Future Food System ™.

The Future Food System has been created to be the world’s most resilient building made from natural and recyclable materials. The organically certified building has been designed to withstand extreme loads with a soil roof to create habitat, provide insulation and facilitates food production. The system is designed to mimic nature by growing, nourish and fertilising, up-cycling ‘waste’ to power the house and grow nutrient-dense delicious produce.  Overall, the Future Food System will cultivate over 250 different species of plants, fungus, insects, snails, fish, mussels, crustaceans and even two chicken residents.

The Future Food System is currently a living home located on the banks of the Yarra River in Melbourne. The public is invited to engage with the creation from November 2020 – April 2021, so be sure the check it out.

If you have an innovative project you would like to collaborate with us on please reach out.

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