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FormFlow was founded on a world-first technology to produce sharp bends in corrugated steel, an Australian-made building material icon.

Based on this core innovation we are developing new building products, systems, and solutions to address housing affordability, accessibility and sustainability.

What we do

Discover more about FormFlow and our products.

Visit the FormFlow Living site to see how we’re using innovative FormFlow Bend technology to develop a range of living spaces that are gentle on the planet and adapt to your changing needs.


Research & Development

Learn more about the work we do. Discover the potential for collaboration or partnering with us to bring an idea to market.

FormFlow Products

Discover more about the unique FormFlow products currently in development.

FormFlow Living

Visit the FormFlow Living website and discover how we’ve used innovative FormFlow technology to create small-space solutions.

How we do it

Step 1. Match the idea or solution with the problem

We start by matching an idea or possible solution with an important problem; like using our FormFlow Bend to eliminate gaps in the external structure of a building to reduce the risk of ember attack during a bushfire.

Step 2. Develop a product concept and test it's success

We develop the idea into a product concept and undertake testing and validation to confirm that it really does address the problem. This can take months or even years of research and development.

Step 3. Explore the commercial potential

We explore the commercial potential by designing and fabricating equipment and processes to manufacture the product at a commercial scale.

Step 4. Manufacture and sell products

Using the equipment and processes we have developed we manufacture and sell our products through FormFlow. This is to confirm that those who have the need really do want our product and that it is possible to create a sustainable business.

Step 5. Partner with others to maximize the positive impact

Once we are confident in the product, we work with other organisations who may be larger than us or operate in other regions and have established supply chains in existing markets. This allows us to offer the solution to more people and maximise the positive impact of our work.

Step 6. Filter findings into new ideas

We take everything we learn and feed it back into our process to help us develop the next idea. We often find many new ideas and problems to solve as we work through each project so there is no shortage of things to keep us busy.

Our trusted partners

We are proud to partner with forward-thinking people who share our vision and values.
Together we can deliver innovative solutions that provide positive social and environmental change within the community.

What’s New?

Take a closer look at how our innovative solutions are currently making an impact in the community.

“FormFlow have been a pleasure to work with, our building is well designed to take advantage of the technology which makes our small space very efficient and perfectly sealed from the elements.”

Ashley Denmead

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