Pre-Designed Space Process

We know you are busy so we do all the hard work for you and take the stress away to ensure you can do more of what you love while we build your home.

From our initial consultation experience right through to handover we work around the clock to make sure your building process is exciting and enjoyable.

We make sure you are included in all aspects of the process to ensure you are confident your build will meet your expectations. It is important to us to ensure transparency with our clients and create strong relationships.

Design Process

Step 1
Initial Enquiry

Your journey with FormFlow starts with an initial enquiry. Contact us at, – call us on 0447 003 126 or fill in our enquiry form today! From your initial enquiry, we will start gathering the necessary information about your project. This will give us an understanding of your objectives and helps us determine whether you would be best suited to a pre-designed space or a custom design.

From here we will do some background work prior to meeting with you in person for our first consultation.

Step 2
Initial Consultation

We like to set up a face-to-face meeting with all our clients first to clarify their project objectives and ensure we can meet your goals. It is helpful to bring anything that may help us further understand what you would like to achieve in your build. Scrapbooks, cutouts, photos, and objects all help us form a picture of your lifestyle and preferences.

During this meeting, we will discuss things like the layout of your home, how many bedrooms you would like, bathroom requirements, and spaces that suit your lifestyle. We will also get an idea of your budget so we can ensure your design is suited to meet your budget and make it clear to you, what you can expect within that budget.

For pre-designed spaces, this is where we will give you a preliminary expected project cost.

Step 3
Design Process

To start the design process, we enter into a Design Agreement so we can commence on some detailed investigation including obtaining a soil report and a feature survey.

For pre-designed spaces, this is where we will get the engineering done for your home to give you a better understanding of the site costs. We will also have a second design consultation where you can choose your finishes, fixtures, and floor coverings, specify design changes and we will confirm your quotation.

Step 4
Detailed Design & Contract Documentation

Once you are completely happy with the design, we enter into a Preliminary Expenses Agreement and develop all the documentation required to gain the necessary council approvals and enter a Building Contract. If the council have any queries, we will address these on your behalf.

Below are the documents that we produce in this phase:

  • Architectural working drawings
  • Detailed specifications including all quantities of fixtures, fittings, and colour selections.
  • Thermal assessment and design, including 6-star energy rating compliance and certification.
  • A comprehensive fixed-price building contract and associated documentation.

We will handle the entire design and approval process and keep you updated along the way.

Upon signing of the building contract and receipt of the initial 5% deposit payment, we will organise Domestic Builder’s Insurance and a Building Permit, this signifies the start of the construction phase and secures your timeslot in our production line up.

Construction Process

Step 1
Steel Frame

Unlike a typical build that will start with the foundations on site, we start our building process in our factory. This means if you are doing an extension to an existing house or putting in a granny flat you can go about your usual days while we build your home in our factory. This process significantly reduces disruptions to our clients.

First, we start with welding and bolting together a steel structural frame, this will be the bones of your new building. From this we will install the particleboard flooring and prefabricated TRUECORE® steel wall frames. Using steel has many benefits, while it has a longer lifespan than timber, it is also the most recyclable material available and has a high precision rate. As a client this means you are getting a material that contributes to environmental sustainability while ensuring that your walls are 100% accurate with no bowing, or structural defects.

Our highly developed production system works to speed up the construction process. While the steel is being welded and bolted together, our team are concurrently fixing the ply and insulation to the prefabricated wall frames prior to installing them. This means, once the steel is ready to go, our team can quickly and simply install the wall frames without the time-consuming act of plastering and painting.

On completion of the frame, the Building Surveyor will conduct thorough inspection of the frame in accordance with the plans and the Building Code before issuing a certificate of compliance.

Step 2
Lock Up

During this stage of the building process, we install the roof, sarking, windows, and external cladding. We also rough-in all the plumbing and electrical so the fixtures are ready to be installed. This work is completed in our factory by our own team. We have a highly experienced and diverse production team which includes our own qualified plumbers and electricians. This allows us to have great quality control over our projects and gives you peace of mind that your new building will be to the highest standard.

Step 3
Fit Out

During this stage, all the remaining internal components are completed prior to delivery to the site. Your new home will now be fitted with kitchen cabinetry, wardrobes, vanity units, and doors. We also install the fixtures and fittings like the toilets, sinks, and showers ready to be connected to utilities once the modules get to the site.

Step 4
Site Works and Completion

While your modules are being constructed in our factory, we can concurrently complete the initial site works. By doing this, we can drastically speed up the project duration and get you in your new home sooner!

When your project is ready to commence on-site, our team will complete a setout which ensures your new building will be correctly positioned on your land.

The majority of our modules have a foundation system called screw piles. A screw pile is a steel screw-in piling and ground anchoring system used for building deep foundations. We use these to comply with the ground clearance levels required for modular building and they are also suitable for the majority of soil types. Screw piles work well on all types of sites from flat sites to extreme slopes.

Once the foundations are in place and the building has been complete in the factory, we organise for your modules to be delivered to the site via truck. Using cranes and forklifts, we can position your modules onto their foundations and secure them in place.

To finish off, we will need a short duration at your site to connect the modules to the utilities including water, power, sewerage, and stormwater as required. Depending on the size of your building this can range between 1-6 weeks.

In this time, we will complete the installation of appliances, fixtures, fittings.

Step 5
Handover and Maintenance

Your new home is now complete and ready for you to move in! We will show you how everything works and provide you with a folder of documentation including all the necessary certificates and warranties.

We will keep in touch with you over the coming months to address any maintenance items you may have and check-in to see how you are enjoying your new home.

Our Construction Payment Schedule

Payment No.
% of Contract Price
Timing for Payment
Paid as a deposit upon signing of contract
When building is 40% complete
When building is 60% complete
Prior to handover

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