Veranda Fire House

Custom designed by Ian Weir to be specific to your site and needs

Veranda Fire House is a bushfire-safe house that has been custom designed by architect Ian Weir. It’s a brilliant example of an affordable construction that can withstand extreme levels of bushfire attack (BAL-40).

The modular space uses the FormFlow bend to create a “no-gaps” barrier against ember attack, which significantly improves the building’s bushfire performance.

Ian Weir is one of the country’s leading architects in the design of Australian bushfire-safe homes. With a thorough understanding of AS3959 (the Australian Standards for Building in Bushfire Prone Areas), Ian has developed a highly integrated design boasting energy efficiency and bushfire safe features.

How it works

The Veranda Fire House is a modular system that uses FormFlow’s galvanised steel frame design. The idea is that you can start small and add sections to your home as your lifestyle needs change over time.  Large spans mean you can create stunning open plan arrangements within the space.


Fire Resistance

Building in a high-risk fire area? Our ‘no-gaps’ solution creates an impervious barrier offering unparalleled resistance to ember attack in bushfire prone areas.

Structural Performance

The FormFlow Bend is strong and seamless. There’s no need for capping, flashing or complex corner design. You’ll get an interlocking join that’s stronger than a conventional corner.

Energy Efficiency

The FormFlow Bend is airtight. It improves the potential to completely seal the outer envelope of a building. This creates a barrier against the elements and boosts both thermal performance and energy efficiency.

Flexibility In Design.

Our modular concept can be adapted to suit your needs. The large spanning steel structure creates a magnitude of options for your Veranda Fire House. Each module is 3.5 metres wide x 7 metres long, with an additional 2-metre veranda.

Two Module design

One Bedroom // One Bathroom​

Three Module design

Three Bedrooms // Two Bathrooms

Six Module design

Three Bedrooms // Two Bathrooms

Seven Module design

Three Bedroom // Two Bathroom​
Four Bedroom // Three Bathroom​

Double Storey

6 Modules

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