Veranda Fire House

Custom designed by Ian Weir to be specific to your site and needs

Designed for Bush Fire Prone Areas

Born out of collaboration the Veranda Fire House journey began when architect Ian Weir recognised FormFlow’s award winning C90 bend ‘no gaps’ cladding solution for its potential in bushfire safe buildings. Bringing together innovative architecture and world first technology created a truly versatile building concept. Our ambition was to design and build affordable bushfire resistant buildings that are not only high performance, but look great too.
Veranda Fire House designs can withstand extreme levels of bushfire attack (BAL-FZ) as the ‘no gaps’ cladding creates a barrier against ember attack.
The Veranda Fire House design stems from Ian Weir’s ‘Karri Fire House’ and has been adapted to our advanced modular building system for rapid construction.
Modular by design, precision engineered and prefabricated, this bushfire resistant design is available in both residential and commercial designs.
Residential designs are very similar in look to ‘Karri Fire House’ and are available in three and four bedroom floorplans.
Commercial designs are tremendously flexible and can be configured many ways. Internal arrangements are easily changeable and do not impact the structure of the building therefore making them easy to refurbish, remodel, relocate and repurpose as needs change. Suitable for shop fronts, housing villages, amenity buildings, holiday parks and other community and public buildings. Veranda Fire House is a turnkey solution that can be installed in as little as 35 days from building permit.

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Variations include:


From $495,000 inc. GST

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