Modular Three Bedroom Gable Roof

Looking for your sanctuary, a safe haven where you can relax, connect with family and escape the demands of the outside world? A place where your impact on the planet is reduced simply by living in a place you love in a home you love. Introducing our new three bedroom gable roof home from the modular gable series range where architectural modular home design meets affordable eco-friendly living.

Built in a precision factory environment using cutting edge technologies, this three bedroom, two bathroom modular home is much more than your average prefab house. This eco house has been developed using award winning building products, systems and solutions that make this modular relocatable home unique, strong, durable, adaptable and reconfigurable long into the future. We never want any of part of our buildings to ever end up in landfill.

This home is clad in FormFlow’s revolutionary bending technology that provides a ‘no gap’ building envelope making this house watertight and airtight. It has superior insulation and ingress of dirt, small animals and embers from bushfire are eliminated. We can build this home in weeks not months and deliver it to the place you love. You can be living the dream in a place you love faster than you think.

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