Our Partners

Skilled, powerful and future-facing partners strengthen FormFlow’s capacity to develop and deliver game-changing products.


Austeng is a boutique engineering SME specialising in design, engineering development and building of customised electromechanical machinery and systems for industry. A Geelong-based family business for more than 25 years, Austeng has transitioned from traditional customers in automotive and other large-scale manufacturing to new high-tech areas including renewable energy, carbon fibre and bio-tech.

Austeng had been a successful SME provider supporting Victorian auto manufacturing. They partner with start-ups and universities to help bridge the gap from concept/lab to proven reality. Austeng was a recipient of the Engineers Australia Award (Vic) for R & D Innovation in both 2014 and 2016.

Deakin University

Deakin University is an internationally recognised research institution with specific expertise in metal forming. They will support commercialisation and on-going research and development into process design and optimisation including understanding the effect of material property variation on material behaviour.

Deakin University not only provides a powerful research partnership for the future in metal forming, advanced manufacturing and engineering, but also in architecture and design.

Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC)

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre is an industry led not-for-profit organisation established through the Australian Government’s Industry Growth Centres initiative. It supports the development of a world-leading advanced manufacturing sector in Australia and is run by a board and management team of leading industry experts.

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre is connected with a nationwide network of research and development hubs. The Centre’s role is to unlock new commercial opportunities and drive innovation in Australian manufacturing. It does this by fostering collaboration between industry enterprises and the scientific and research community.

Australian Rollforming Manufacturers Pty Ltd (A.R.M)

Australian Rollforming Manufacturers is widely regarded as Australia’s leading special sections metal roll forming company, especially in the heavy sections sector. Established in 2001, ARM Roll forming provides a world class metal design, roll forming, fabrication and project management service to a wide range of national and international engineering projects. The Director, Henry Wolfkamp has 25 years experience in the roll forming industry and has been actively engaged in roll forming research and development for many years.