The FormFlow C60 Bend

Expanding the uses of corrugated iron for your project.

C60- forming a 60 degree bend in a Custom Orb® sheet, is the latest development from FormFlow.

The C60 bend opens up a world of opportunities for seamless joins between walls and roofing, as well as a range of other transitions. The C60 bend is formed using our patented FormFlow technology and demonstrates our commitment to providing beautiful products to the building industry.

The bend allows stunning aesthetic transitions between sheets and provides a strong, stiff continuous corner. This enables us to change the nature of building.

As of December 2020, the C60 has been produced in a research capacity with some really exciting teaser commercial projects as well as being incorporated into some stunning designs. Do you have a use for the C60 bend that you would like to discuss? Enquire with us today!

How it works

It has architects rethinking design and developers reimagining what’s possible.

The FormFlow Bend delivers smooth transitions between corrugated sheet sections at a range of angles. Our process can produce sharp bends perpendicular to the corrugations. No need for capping, flashing or complex corner design – just an interlocking join that’s much cleaner and distinctive.

FormFlow’s ‘no gaps’ wall cladding and roofing solution can improve overall energy efficiencies and reduce a building’s environmental impact.

FormFlow enables corrugated sheeting to be used as a structural (stressed) skin, reducing the need for additional internal framing while greatly improving assembly efficiency and overall appearance.

The result is a stronger and ultra-functional building envelope that morphs the utilitarian aesthetic of corrugated iron into a stylish architectural statement. A simple idea transformed into a truly elegant solution.

Frequently asked Questions

CUSTOMFLOW™ is iconic LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® corrugated sheets combined with FormFlow corners. FormFlow has licenced our world-first technology to BlueScope Lysaght and this is now marketed to Australia under the CUSTOMFLOW™ brand.

Reach out to us today and we can walk you through the ordering process.

Absolutely! We love seeing what ideas our customers come up with for CUSTOMFLOW™ and our FormFlow products. Enquire with us today and we can help you turn your idea into reality.

As of July 2021, we are forming 90 degree bends as part of our CUSTOMFLOW™ offering with Lysaght.

Our C60 Bend (the sheet is bent over by 60 degrees) will be on the market in the fourth quarter of 2021. 

FormFlow is continually gauging market interest for other angles of bend so if you have a specific angle in mind for your project or have a great idea for using C60 please contact us.

CUSTOMFLOW™ C90 sheets can be formed in both COLORBOND® standard and MATT finishes as well as ZINCALUME® steel, GALVANISED and other coatings. The standard offering from Lysaght is 0.42BMT G550 CUSTOM ORB®.

We can also offer 0.48BMT G550 and 0.60BMT G300 as non-standard and lots of other materials – if you can corrugate it, we can form it!

The CUSTOMFLOW™ offering allows all LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® and CUSTOM BLUE ORB® thicknesses to be formed. 

We can also form other materials such as aluminium at a thickness of 0.8mm and can increase this range if required.

CUSTOMFLOW™ sheets come with a fixed 180mm bend leg, measured from where the sheet sits up against the wall to the cut end of the sheet.

This fixed leg will work for 99% of projects and can be trimmed easily by any skilled installer. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help incorporating the bend into your designs!

CUSTOMFLOW™ is based on the LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB® profile and is used for the current product range.

The FormFlow technology can be applied to lots of different corrugated profiles though so let us know which one you would like to see!

CUSTOMFLOW™ is currently produced at the Lysaght plant in Geelong, Victoria. It is available to be shipped Australia wide via the Lysaght delivery network.

CUSTOMFLOW™ machines will be rolled out across the country in the coming years – to a Lysaght plant near you!

The standard CUSTOMFLOW™  offering is a straight sheet of 1 to 8m’s in length, specified by you, with a fixed bend leg of 180mm to allow overlap past the corner.

We can form more than one bend in a sheet in a non-standard offering, but best to discuss with us your application first!

No, the FormFlow bend in CUSTOMFLOW™ does not damage the coating and has been extensively tested with our partners at Deakin University. CUSTOMFLOW™ comes with the standard COLORBOND®/ZINCALUME® warranty of 36 years (subject to installation).

No. Microscopic examination of sections of metal after bending have determined there is no damage.

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A better option - FormFlow's 'no-gaps' solution

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