Research and Development

Research & Development – from idea to game-changing product

We aim to establish high-volume production Australia-wide by integrating our FormFlow bending process with existing roll forming equipment.

Collaborations underpin our rigorous, systematic approach to product and process development. For each new idea, we can explore the fundamental technology principles with world-leading researchers from Deakin University’s Institute of Frontier Materials, then develop bespoke equipment to test the theory with Austeng.

Dr Matthias Weiss, our R&D Director, is a FormFlow co-founder and also head of Deakin University’s internationally recognised roll forming research group. He splits his working time between FormFlow and leading his team of researchers.

This unique industry-research partnership lets us:

  • characterise materials and coatings using a range of mechanical testing and optical microscopy techniques
  • measure part geometry before and after forming using advanced laser scanning equipment
  • develop advanced numerical modelling tools to predict process outcomes and optimise new processes
  • evaluate product performance using accelerated weathering techniques combined with microstructural examination
  • develop prototype and production equipment to support the commercialisation of each new product and process technology.

We also collaborate with Deakin`s School of Architecture and Civil Engineering on topics including alternative housing concepts and physical testing of prototype structures in accordance with Australian Standards.