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Collaborations underpin our rigorous, systematic approach to product and process development.

For each new idea, we explore the fundamental technical principles with world-leading researchers from Deakin University.

We then develop bespoke equipment to test these theories with local Geelong companies and partners in Australia.

New Processes and Products - on the way

Process monitoring and quality control –Industry 4.0 in Buildings

FormFlow applies automotive manufacturing principles to enable high volume manufacture of modular building systems. This is to ensure high quality with low cost and waste. 

Most steel building components are roll formed before bending in a FormFlow machine.   

To enable automation in component manufacture, handling, and building assembly, FormFlow is implementing industry 4.0 principles for the continuous monitoring and management of materials, forming processes and products over the full manufacturing chain.

Alternative ownership models, disaster relief and universal living space.

FormFlow aims to provide low-cost, high quality living space to address Australia`s housing affordability crisis.

FormFlow combines universal building designs with low-cost manufacturing to make living space accessible to all people, regardless of age, disability or status in life.

FormFlow`s pre-fabricated building modules enable rapid deployment, growth and relocation.  This enables application of alternative ownership models and rapid deployment of temporary or permanent  living space for disaster relief. 

Building systems to reduce environmental impact and to support a circular economy

FormFlow aims to achieve near carbon-neutral production of steel framed buildings.

A Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) performed on FormFlow’s Samaritan house has shown that steel buildings can be manufactured at lower environmental costs compared to timber if the building design allows for the re-use of building components.

FormFlow is combining a modular building design with industry 4.0 manufacturing technologies and advanced technologies for building system assembly to reduce material usage and waste and to facilitate end-of live material recycling and re-use. 

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