Veranda Firehouse

At FormFlow, we pursue ideas that address fundamental social and environmental needs in ways that are ecologically and economically sustainable. Our modular housing creates a space that addresses those needs, whilst also being a secure space for others to make memories in and enjoy.

We have created a world-first, inexpensive, functional firehouse, as an improved version of the original bushfire house created by architect Ian Weir and Kylie Feher. The Veranda Fire House was designed to be affordable constructions designed to meet the BAL 40 and BAL FZ requirements in Australia.

The house is perfect for families of all sizes living in bushfire prone areas wanting to maximise their safety. With the use of our innovative technology, we have created our modules with materials to meet BAL 40 and BAL FZ requirements, ensuring that you and your family can live safely in bushfire prone areas.

In partnership with Ian Weir Architects, FormFlow’s bend technology and innovative modular system enhances the creation of the Veranda Fire House and by reducing gaps in external wrapping of the home the danger of ember attacks is greatly reduced. The Veranda Fire House is a modularised system that used FormFlow’s galvanised steel frame design, which allows you to be flexible with the design of the home.

Created for fire prone areas, the modular design’s structural performance and energy efficiency means the Veranda Fire House is a new development in the challenge of fireproofing homes. The interior of the modules are lined with Birch Ply which come in a range of coating colours and types, and also use HardieDeck which is a durable alternative to timber for decking.  This is perfect for fire prone areas where board gaps are an issue.

Offering several different designs, you can either start small or large with two module options or double storey modules. The FormFlow Veranda Fire House offers options for everyone, with the aim of using innovative technology to create affordable, create affordable homes that are build to BAL 40 and BAL FZ requirements.

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